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“A pro at Work!”- Betty Willis, Atlanta, GA


“Cool Stuff, Steph!”- Regina Moore. Kansas City, MO

"I'm her #1 fan!- Johnnie Burns, Detroit, MI


“I’m her #1 fan!”- Stephanie Lane, Inkster, MI


“I’m her #1 fan!”- Denise Young, Atlanta, GA

“We love her works!- Walter and Dottie Young, Redford, MI

“Your work is stunning!”-Renee Cuchetti, Birmingham, MI

“What a gift you have been given!”-Vanessa Brown- Los Angeles, CA

“You’re an amazing talent!”-Ron Kruman, Midland, MI

“You are too awesome!”-Benjamin Baldwin, Milwaukee,WI

“Not only is she one of my dearest friends, I love her dearly and she draws great too!-

She’s so damned talented!-Barry Manilow, Palms Springs, CA

“Miss Stephie, we are in awe of your talents!”-Wally & Debbie Bizon, Allen Park, MI

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